Criminal Psychology Lab


Criminal Psychology Lab focuses on research in psychopathy, criminal cognitions (criminal thinking, criminal social identity), suicide and mental health in prisons, homicidal behaviour, recidivism & prisonization, and violence against women and children. We conduct research in collaboration with Polish Prison Service, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (USA),  Pakistan Prison Service (Ministry of Prison, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), and Irish Police Service (An Garda Síochána). 


Core Members











Professor Daniel Boduszek

University of Huddersfield & University SWPS












Dr Agata Debowska

University of Chester











Dr Philip Hyland

National College of Ireland











Dr Bogdan Lach

University SWPS



Professor Mike Boulton, University of Chester (UK)

Professor Matt DeLisi, Iowa State University (USA)

Professor Dariusz Dolinski, University SWPS (Poland)

Professor Adele Jones, University of Huddersfield (UK)

Dr Maha Alluhaibi (Saudi Arabia)

Dr Sonia Shagufta (Pakistan)


Clinical Consultants


Dr Jonathan Philip Mitchell, Clinical Forensic Psychologist, UK
Dr Harry Wood, Clinical Forensic Psychologist, UK


Statistical Consultants


Professor Gary Adamson, University of Ulster (UK)

Professor Mark Shevlin, University of Ulster (UK)

PhD students











Kathryn Sharratt










Nicole Sherretts









Dominic Willmott










Jade Dorrian










Russell Woodfield










Alisa Spink